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"YUM" drinking water

Label redesign for "YUM" children's drinking water of "OBIS" LLP.

"OBIS" LLP is the company that produces soft drinks, juices and drinking water and represented on the market of Kazakhstan for more than 15 years.

The task was to redesign a label in which it was necessary to reflect the competitive advantages of the product, its naturalness, purity and safety, and to highlight the product on the shelf to ensure its successful existence in a highly competitive environment.

Specialists of LIKE advertising agency made a simple and funny label. Bright colors in the title makes the bottle very attractive for kids and their parents. Graphic image can easily be used in the promotion, and the product name became visible and legible to facilitate consumer's choice. Necessary information about the certification and the quality of product presented in the form of infographics. The part of the label decided to leave clear to emphasize the purity of natural water.