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"GRACIO" juice

Redesign of "GRACIO" premium juice of "RG Brands" company.

"RG Brands" is one of the leading сompanies in sought goods sector of Kazakhstan and Central Asia markets. The company is the one of three industrial holdings of "Resmi Group Ltd".

The task was to emphasize premium product which is positioned by the client as "One-hundred percent juice with no sugar added. It has so much fruits and so much style. "Gracio" is expressive and bright. At any taste. That is why it is so tempting and desirable." 

Updated aesthetic packaging underlines the high class of the new line. Black and yellow colors were chosen prevail. Black emphasizes the premium product and gives a sense of depth, weight and luxury. Yellow - the color of gold. Very often yellow was the hallmark of the upper classes. Yellow also underlines the continuity of design. 

Developed design helps customers easily find their way while selecting of juice on the shelf and allocate premium line from the rest of nectar production.

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