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"DaDa Dacha" juice

Creation of a new packaging for "DaDa Dacha" new line of "RG Brands" juices.

"RG Brands" is one of the leading сompanies in sought goods sector of Kazakhstan and Central Asia markets. The company is the one of three industrial holdings of "Resmi Group Ltd".

Specialists of LIKE advertising agency has developed a packaging that clearly describes the product concept. Everyone who has or had a suburban summer house knows what a delicious, and most importantly, healthy juices obtaining from the summer house harvest. And when it comes to environmental and healthful product, a packaging simulating kraft board seems a natural choice. Color and style of packaging says consumers about the naturalness of the product before they see a trademark. An additional suburban area sketches completes the general idea of design. Essential for this type of product fruits were placed in boxes for the harvest, which are used for their preservation. There are infographics and information of the product ingredients placed on the sides of the packaging. On the top side we put useful information about the properties of fruits and vegetables nectar presented from. The information is shared with the image of a rope on which hangs a customer products logo.

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