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Aynalayin "MORNING" and "NIGHT"

Packaging design of a new dairy product of "Aynalayin" TM for "Raimbek Agro" company.

Established in 2001 "Raimbek Agro" company has become a leading manufacturer of UHT milk in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

According to conclusion of Kazakh Academy of Nutrition, the containing of protein, fat, carbohydrates and vitamins in milk of morning and evening milking is significantly different. And the human body needs more certain elements at different daytime. As a result we made a visually attractive packaging, emotionally wafting the main idea of ​​the product that allows to differentiate itself from competitors on a shelf. Special attention is drawn to the shape of the packaging Tetra Gemina Aseptic. From the empty boxes of milk children, after energizing of useful product, will be able to build blocks of houses by their own projects!

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