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"ADAL" dairy products

LIKE branding agencies performance target was to develop a design of "PRODUCTS OF OUR FARMS", the new dairy products line of ​​"ADAL" company. Namely, UHT milk and other dairy products: kefir, drinking yoghurt, fermented baked milk, sour cream and butter. 

For this project LIKE branding agency had organized market tour in several regions of country, conducted interviews and focus groups in 3 cities of Kazakhstan (Almaty, Astana and Shymkent). As a result of analysis, we got the buyers portrait of this product, their wishes and means of communicating. It was obvious that the consumers tired of products filled with various additives and preservatives, and that they want a fresh and organic products. And the first associations came to mind are - village, pastures, mountains, and machines with milk tanks, freely sold their products in the cities at the end of the last century.

Our task become easier as the client has its own agriculture in ecologically clean area, near the foothills of the Zailiyskiy Alatau. The are three dairy farms in client's cattle farm which contains more than 2,500 cows. To highlight this competitive advantage LIKE agency had organized a photo session on the farms and factories of "ADAL" company. Photos were posted on the side of packaging, along with other information that shows competitive advantages of the client.

Design developed by LIKE agency clearly displays all the preferences of the target consumer. They are the imitation of kraft paperboard, as the durable and moisture resistant material, pasture sketches gives an element of sustainability, and the clover image that refreshes design, presenting a beautiful harmony between nature and humanity.

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